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Avoiding financial losses with Vedic astrology

It is still a doubt in many people’s minds about whether or not something like Pancham-Shani or Sade Saati or a Dhaiya really exists. But the truth is, that if you analyze your health, financial and relationships closely and interpret it as per the astrological patterns, you may find out that Pancham Shani, Sade Saati and Dhaiya are all true, even in today’s context.

In astronomy, the words Pancham Shani, Saade Saati or Dhaiya can be as terrifying to believers as a physical blow. These words are not considered good and it all results because of the position of Saturn. It is evident that people who are under the Pancham Shani experience great financial crisis and losses while their expenses tend to rise.

Adhi yoga and Dur yoga.

What is adhi yoga and dur yoga?
Adhi yoga and Dur yogaAdhi Yoga and Dur Yoga are two of the important Yogas in Vedic astrology. Yoga means a combination of planets formed in a birth chart. Adhi yoga is formed if any plane occupies the 6th, 7th and 8th house in the birth chart. According to the shloka 42 in Hindu astrology, when benefic planets occupy these houses reckoned from the Lagna or Moon in birth chart, a commander, a minister or a ruler is born. People born in the adhi yoga prosper and become very famous. According to shloka 43, the person born in adhiyoga becomes the lord of men and lives wealthily throughout his life. He will feed many of his relatives, overpower his enemies and enjoy a long life with prosperity and fame.
Characteristics of a person born in adhi yoga
If the benefic planets occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th house in lagna chart then lagnadhi yoga is formed and if the same happens in moon chart then chandrahi yoga is formed. Adhi yoga gives a person the potential to

Are Astrology and Vastu related ?

Astrology and Vastu are related in many ways. Both spring from the Hindu scriptures, both are meant to improve a person’s life and both help solve problems based on rules and principles. Just as planets and yogas influence a person as per astrology, vastu principles related to residential and office premises affect a person too. Many problems can be solved by remedying unfavorable signs and planets as per astrology principles and by correcting vastu defects in homes and offices. Remember, vastu can give great results only if it is combined with astrology and after seeing how a person’s stars and planets influence him. Now let us understand vastu in brief.

Vastu in brief
According to vastu, a proper planning of a building is required to derive geomagnetic forces and gain positive energy with the help of light, spaciousness, air and aura. Some of the basic rules of vastu for a home is to

Significance of Sun in Horoscope

Known as the father of the whole solar system, Sun is worshiped as the Almighty and Lord that has extreme power and gravitational force. He is not only vital to the planets in universe but also to the life of human beings. It takes approximately 365 days for sun to travel through all zodiacs and spends a month in each sign. This is how the zodiacs were divided into 30-degrees.

Lagna Chart

There are in all 16 charts according to Indian astrology, however only 3 are mostly studied – the ascendant or lagna chart, moon chart and sun chart. The most accurate predictions are made using lagna chart. The lagna chart is divided in 12 ‘rashis’ or houses and the 9 planets are positioned in these houses as they were during a person’s birth. Whether the effect of planets would be favorable or unfavorable depends on the way they are positioned in the houses in the lagna chart.

Western or Placidus system of house division

Placidus system
Horoscopes are divided into 12 divisions known ashouses. These houses are usually divided into 30-degrees because the sun usually spends about 30 days in each house. However, in the western or placidus system the houses are divided in varying degrees as the sun never stays in the house for same period.

 As the earth rotates around its axis, there is day in some parts and night in some, so there are stars rising in east and setting in west. The eastern horizon is calculated as the first house and the western horizon is calculated as the 7th house. The northern point above the head, also known as the mid heaven, is the 10th house. In Indian astrology, the rising point, setting point and mid heaven point are always considered as the centre of the house whereas in the western or placidus system they are considered as the starting points of the houses.

Gajkesari Yoga and Chandra Mangal Yoga

Chandra mangal yoga
The word yoga in Sanskrit means connection. Any yoga in a horoscope depicts conjunction of any two planets which may either be due to their placement in any house or mutual aspect. The conjunction actually alters the qualities of either planet.
GajKesari yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in ascendant, fourth, seventh and tenth house from the moon or Jupiter is placed in Kendra i.e. Ascendant, fourth, seventh and tenth house from ascendant. But some astrologers believe that this yoga can also be formed when Venus or mercury is present in Kendra from moon.

Relevance of Planet, House and Rashi in a Chart

A chart is the pictorial representation of planetary positions at the time of birth of the native. Although native lives on earth but nine planets of the universe have a remarkable effect on him. Every planet is associated with a particular amount of energy and that energy is released during particular duration called the Dasha and the results are always in correspondence to the house in which that particular planet is placed. Planets can be categorized into Personal planets and Collective planets.
 Personal planets travel through one zodiac sign to another within short duration of time and release their energies with great variability. These include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Whereas, the collective planets travel at relatively slower rate and they possess the ability to influence many generations of the native.

Dasha or period in Astrology

Period in astrologyAstrology is a science of predicting events in the life of an individual. Those events would not knock the door of the native randomly, but at specific age. This time specific prediction is based on Dasha system.

According to Vedic astrology, effect of nine planets on the native is taken into consideration. But all these planets are not active at the same time. They show their influence with time. So the period, during which any particular planet is most effective, is termed as Dasha of particular period. The auspicious planets in the horoscope or auspicious combinations either due to their placement or aspect become fruitful during Dashas of particular planet.