How to cast a horoscope?

horoscopt , technique of making it
Horoscope is cast looking at celestial energies and patterns of heavenly bodies such as sun, moon, stars and planets. So a person’s horoscope chart will be a picture of heaven at the time of his or her birth. This can be determined from the position of celestial bodies during a person’s birth date, time and place.

Calculation of Horoscope Chart: There is immense importance of time of birth in astrology. The time of birth depends on the place of birth as LMT or Local Mean Time is used while casting horoscope. So if you are born in Mumbai at 4:11 am IST, the time will be first converted into LMT.

 The local mean time is calculated through longitude and latitude of Mumbai. Also the side real time for that particular date and place is to be calculated. After this the longitudes of planets and sun is determined using a complex mathematical formula. Nowadays, computer software helps do all this in no time.

Usage of Ephemeris to Cast Horoscope: In India, most people use Ephemeris or ‘panchang’ to determine the position of planets, stars and other celestial bodies. Panchang also shows if any planets have combusted, new planets have formed or their position has shifted. They also shed light on solar and lunar eclipse. There are many types of panchang available, but the Ephemeris by Lahiri and the Indian Astronomical Ephemeris published by the Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata are widely used. Some ephemeris or panchang are dated back from 1900 and provide dates up to 2050 or 2100.

Casting Horoscope from Chart: Once the horoscope chart is made using computer software or Ephemeris and you know the positions of planets and ascendant, you can read the chart and make predictions. The chart is divided in 12 ‘rashis’ or houses and the 9 planets are positioned in this ‘rashis’ as they were during your birth. The first house is your individual house and is known as your ascendant or ‘lagna’. The placement of planets in each house determines how you will fare in your academics, career, love life and overall life. 
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