Lagna Chart

There are in all 16 charts according to Indian astrology, however only 3 are mostly studied – the ascendant or lagna chart, moon chart and sun chart. The most accurate predictions are made using lagna chart. The lagna chart is divided in 12 ‘rashis’ or houses and the 9 planets are positioned in these houses as they were during a person’s birth. Whether the effect of planets would be favorable or unfavorable depends on the way they are positioned in the houses in the lagna chart.

-          Lagna or ascendant in lagna chart

Lagna or ascendant is the zodiacal sign that ascends on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. A lagna chart is prepared to see the position of planets in the 12 signs of zodiac. The ascendant or lagna chart is vital in Vedic  astrology. The ascendant in lagna chart represents the person itself whereas the other houses represent finance, luck, academics, relationships, etc. The ascendant or lagna is always placed in the  first house in the chart.

-          Lagna chart and the ruling planet

A  person’s physical appearance, personality, nature and behavior  depends on the rising sign in the eastern horizon at that time. For instance, if the rising sign is Virgo, then the person will be of Virgo or ‘Kanya’ ascendant and the first house will have Virgo or kanya as zodiac. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and hence Mercury will be known as the Lord of Ascendant and it will affect most aspects of personality of this person. However other signs and planets also influence the person.

The lagna chart is a good predictor of fame and fortune, personality and passions, family and finance, love and luck, death and diseases. Most people refer to the lagna chart that is made using computer software or Ephemeris or panchang.
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