Avoiding financial losses with Vedic astrology

It is still a doubt in many people’s minds about whether or not something like Pancham-Shani or Sade Saati or a Dhaiya really exists. But the truth is, that if you analyze your health, financial and relationships closely and interpret it as per the astrological patterns, you may find out that Pancham Shani, Sade Saati and Dhaiya are all true, even in today’s context.

In astronomy, the words Pancham Shani, Saade Saati or Dhaiya can be as terrifying to believers as a physical blow. These words are not considered good and it all results because of the position of Saturn. It is evident that people who are under the Pancham Shani experience great financial crisis and losses while their expenses tend to rise.

You are said to be under Pancham Shani when your Saturn moves to the fifth house from the moon in your birth chart or Kundali. Many astrologers believe that such a thing as financial issues and economic problems may be caused by Saturn. However, generally it is believed that the 5th house is the provider of high-education, chances of giving birth, love affairs and similar good things but the story about the financial problems is thoroughly researched by astrologers and after which, it was known that when Saturn travels from the Moon to the 5th House, it causes adverse situations that can be even worse than the effects of Shani saade saati or dhaiya of Saturn.

Loss of confidence, bad circumstances, negligible behavior and taking wrong decisions are some of the effects of unfavorable placement of Saturn in the 5th house. This is one of the reasons why people tend to underachieve and are unable to attain their goals.
The reason behind this so-called ‘bad luck’ is that in the 5th house, Saturn occupies the 3rd aspect on the 7th house which is known as the house of partnership ventures. Because of this, your partnership venture might be wrapped in bad times or losses. Saturn, in the 5th house also results in bad effects on marital life and even in delayed marriage. Not only this, Saturn in this house can cause problems between brothers and sisters as well.

The 5th house is the house of Karma and so, many who are suffering from bad times due to Saturn’s occupancy of this house, believe that it is an act  of their past life’s karma. Once you’re experiencing the effects of Pancham Shani, you might not recover in terms of financial problems for as long as 2 &1\2 years but during that time, all you need to do is to keep your calm, take informed and slow decisions and have faith in God.

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